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#1: 8 Steps to Mind Mapping

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Organize, explore and capture your ideas

Mind Mapping is essential to idea generation. Idea generation is essential to making sure you are constantly connected to your thoughts and allowing your mind to wonder. In this episode. Mark explains what mind mapping is, why it is important and his 8 steps to a successful mind mapping session.

8 Steps to successful Mind Mapping:

1. Eliminate distraction

2. Low to No Sensory

3. Grab a notebook & Paper (Not smartphone)

4. Set a timer, 10 minutes

5. Get Comfortable, but not too comfortable

6. Start with a single BIG idea

7. Branch thoughts from BIG idea

8. Let your mind wander

Weekly Challenge:

Complete a mind mapping session using the 8 steps listed above. Create a list of possible business ideas based on your session.

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