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#4: Top 5 Ways to Win Back Your Time!

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Since we Started the Podcast many of our listeners have commented about not having enough time. Based on this feedback I have developed a list of the "Top 5 Ways to Win Back Your Time". These are simple steps that will help you discover the pockets of time you have access to. Every Minute that you capture back, I want you to redirect it to a meaningful task or activity? Don't be busy being busy! Do Things that further your mission. MAKE IT COUNT!! Go be Great, Go Get your Time back

Top 5 Ways to Win Back your Time

1.Ask yourself why you need more time

2.List the Things you value, and the top 10 priorities where you spend time

3.Take inventory of an entire weeks time, and track everything you do

4.Face the Reality of the time your waste and own the shame

5.Schedule every single activity for an entire week, everything!

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